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The most killing and viral disease spreading nowadays a lot, really a lot more than we think.To be true to in Fact , I am a person of depression.I fall into depression at times and find it difficult to overcome.And the medicines , I mean the real  medicines are present within us only.And it took a long time to find and overcome form it.But not too easy to pass depression at some times you again fall into it unconsciously.

I think depression occurs due to lot of reason like being avoided by someone u respect too much,things did not go well as planned,facing failures a lot of times repeatedly,expecting too much and still there a lot more where we cant define the reasons and give explanations for the disappointments.

A lot of Expectations and disappointments together the main root cause of depression.More than Boys,it is the girls who undergo depression most of the times.

So,during the time of Depression I don’t know about boys but as a girl, I personally will need someone to be near me and hear some of my problems or at sometimes I just need some one  to be there for me where at least i can feel there are some to be there on my difficult times.

My advise to the girls undergoing depression is SPEAK OUT.

SPEAK OUT what you feel and what is inside your mind. Stop hating and shouting at people and take time to relax and speak out openly, it helps you to get some solutions and at least helps you to free up your mind with those disturbing thoughts. I believe that for each and every fight or misunderstanding speaking out openly will be the best solution ever.

CRY TO YOUR BEST PARTNER I Hope it helps you better to overcome depression a little quick.And i mean Best partner it doesn’t mean always your Mom,Dad,Friends,Life partner.I meant It may be your Favorite Pillow(I always personally cry to my the best partner-The Pillow),It may be your teddy or you can go to your favorite lonely place and just cry for sometime till you get relax because only at that time your mind and body feels comfortable to make some solutions.

TAKE TIME It obviously needs a person some time to overcome depression.Let take your time ,find reasons and solutions within yourself, get motivated and live the way of life, you actually wanted the way it to be.Never fear for anything,Nothing Has gone beyond its reach.Time waits for none,But at the depression world we only have time rather nothing beyond it.Take time and let raise the world.

BE YOU AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF  Only you can be the best support for yourself.Start Loving Yourself.Do things which makes you Happy.Try to Overcome from the disappointments and Let go of all the depression and start a new Life.Noting is too late to get start for a new dream.

LEARN TO MOVE ON  The biggest step for the persons under depression and the most difficult step too.If moving on was easy why would people get stuck depressed.This step has to overcome only by self motivation.Because Life has more new dreams to show us let’s not stuck with this bad dream and waste the new fortunes Life has for us.

Hope you enjoy it !!

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