We everyone have some dream to visit some places at least once in our Lifetime.We have a big bucket List of places where it might come true sometime or may be not .But  our dreams never stop,it only becomes big day by day.

I would like share with you some places that I would like to visit at least once in my Life time.And I am working hard for my dreams too..


One of the most beautiful places I have been waiting a long time to visit.Just waiting for the my time for the special visit to that place.Waiting to stay there and have to breathe in the fresh air and the cool atmosphere I have been dreaming and longing for!!!



My next dream place is not so specific but I wish it must be filled with snow.

WOW!! I just want to hold that snow in my hands and have to play with it.Only then it makes my Life complete. I don’t know where did all these dreams comes from whether it was deep in my heart or because of some films I have seen in my childhood days or whatever,I just don’t care I want to be there feeling the chillness completely over me!!

OMG!! I want those days so bad..



I have not yet visited any one of the seven wonders of this world.I want to visit all the seven wonders and must know the reasons behind it’s amazing wonders it has done a long back.

Waiting to get Amazed.


I have still  have many  places in my big bucket List to go and visit..

Just waiting for my days..  🙂 🙂

Do you too have any places that you think we should visit in our Lifetime.

what is it ? don’t forget to share with me…  😉

Hope you enjoy it!! ❤

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