51669569-352-k590860Life has many lessons and chapters for us. Sometimes we learn from the lessons and we move on to the next chapter of our Life but sometimes we stick on to some lessons throughout the chapters of our Life.

The lesson what I learned from Life is something most important and most common for some persons who got stuck to it and learning to move on from that chapter.The Lesson I am talking about is EXPECTATIONS.

This is the most common chapter where each and everyone must have gone through this in their Life.Some have Learnt to move on from it and some Learning to move on and some got stuck over it completely.

When we literally  go through this word, we each and everyone get a thousand of stories flashing our mind over that Expectations world.We might have got hurt Expecting a lot from one person or we expect something in return the way we treat them or We might have lost that special who expected a lot from us, but might have not reached to their level of expectations.

I have got a lot of lessons from this single word and each time I get hurt,I decided not to expect again, but unfortunately the next day again I would get hurt for the same mistake of Expectation.

The world of expectations does not give anything rather when you start stepping into this world,you start losing many things I did not mean by money but other things which one person must not Lose it.

I would share the three most common things where we would Lose in that space of the world.

LOSING SELF-RESPECT The time you start stepping into this world and start to expecting from any person,the first thing you would lose is your self-respect. In that space of the world,you don’t care about the respect at all, just you would start expecting things where you would not get at all.


LOSING PEACE When Expectations increases from time to time and starts to enter into our Life,our peace of mind,peace for the emotions,everything starts to vanish.The once lost peace is very difficult to get it back because it doesn’t mean it is costly because it is very worthy and cannot be bought by money too.


LOSING YOURSELF This is the most important thing where you doesn’t even know the truth that you are Losing yourself.When you start realizing this,that might have been too late.You sometimes even forget how you were in the past and start to live in that some new world that has been created by itself.



Each and everyone might have experienced this chapter in our Life.So,Do you have any suggestions for reducing expectations,please do share with me.. 🙂

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