IBMC #01: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge#01

This is going to be my first challenge,I am going to participate.Felling Excited to Complete this challenge as best as I can.There are 10 post challenges to be completed in 15 days.Just making myself ready to accept this challenge,and AM READY!! 😉

The first challenge is to write a paragraph on any of the topics given.



Sometimes we get caught in situations where we need to act or change our character at times and be present as something else just win over the situation.But is that actually needed?Do we need to act than to be ourselves? Why is that becoming impossible to come into situation to be who you are?Why does it is making complex to be who I am?Let’s take some time to think over these questions ourselves.We have to accept the fact that sometimes we are changing ourselves for someone in our Life and rest,we forget ourselves at some point of time,who we are.

Gist is Let be bold who you are and do things what you want.. Show the world this is I am and accept me for ,so I am.


Hope you enjoy it!! ❤

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