Beauty it is the one of the most favorite word among all girls😍Even if Girls are of fair shade they still go on the websites for tips and girls with dark or normal shades girls are on the website to get some tips to become fair in some little time.☺️

Thinking or having this thought is never wrong.Because I am one among the girls who still switches from one to many websites and trying on all the new beauty tips, and still doing it all time.

So,I would like to share with you one of the Beauty tip I came across the recent time on website to get fair naturally at home.And yup!! It worked.😍 May be many of you have known this and some have even tried or some might not know this tip.So,I would Like to share with you.

The Magic Ingredients for this  method are

  1. Potato

       2.Yogurt/Thick Curd at home

We many of us the secret power of Potato and some may not be aware of that.

POTATO they’re rich in vitamin B and C, brighten and tone, and also are known to ward off wrinkles,and also helps in reducing Dark Circles,etc.

So,the method I tried and worked was

  1. Take 1 potato and cut it into small pieces
  2. Grind it well and don’t need to add any water
  3. Along to the paste add some yogurt/thick curd and apply it to your face
  4. After 20 mins,wash it off.You can even apply it to Hands and Legs too.It helps in reducing sun tan.

Continue this daily and you could see some very happy results 🙂 It is working out for me and it would help for you too.The only thing is that you have to continue it patiently daily to get good results.😉


Hope You Enjoy It!!! ❤

Don’t Forget to share with me your simple beauty tips that you have come acrossed or have tried at home or any useful tips .Beauty First comes to us,only when we start sharing.Don’t Forget to share!! 🤗

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