About Me

Hello!! I was born and raised in Tamil Nadu and I am proud to be an Indian. I speak Tamil and English . I just completed my Under Graduate Degree in Information Technology and going to do my Post Graduate in Business Administration. I love writing and reading novels.

Some of my interests include reading, writing, music and dreaming(obviously present in every humans).

My favorite TV shows include FRIENDS, Impractical Jokers, Mom,Americas’s Got Talent in English. And in Tamil I watch all shows and watch many English and Tamil movies coz I love it..English movies I have in tons of my favorite, so mentioning each one is difficult and a I have a special love towards the animated movies..

My favorite author is Chetan Bhagat.I have read all his novels like 2 states,3 mistakes of my life,Half GirlFriend, and still waiting for his next work toward it.

Some musicians I like are Ilayaraja,An Evergreen Musical God.

Other things I enjoy include hanging out with my family and friends.

This blog is mainly about the small little happenings around us , the miracles and surprises the life shows up!!

To Contact please email me at jubilantlyf@gmail.com


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